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Maca Benefits For Women

For centuries, men have reaped the copious benefits of maca—a nutrient-packed Peruvian root that grows at the peaks of the Andes Mountains. Maca has coined a few names in recent years, including, “Peruvian Ginseng” and “Nature’s Viagra” due to its reputation for promoting healthy energy levels and sexual vitality.  Traditionally, maca has been examined for the positive effects it has on men’s health; however, the maca benefits for women are substantial.  Discover some of the ways maca benefits women.

Maca For Fertility
Peruvian women have used maca for fertility for hundreds of years. Maca promotes balanced, normal hormones and supports healthy pregnancies with its dense nutritional profile.  Maca is believed to contain adaptogen qualities, which aid the body in naturally fighting off illnesses and normally adapting to stress.

Maca’s adaptogen qualities, along with its concentration of more than 50 phytonutrients, support the thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal glands, which play essential roles in normal hormone production and balance. Maca for fertility promotes a healthy reproductive system and fertility, while supporting overall health and vitality. 

Maca For Menstrual Health
Historically, women have used maca for menstrual health because of its ability to help regulate menstrual cycles and minimise unpleasant symptoms. Menstruation is a complex system that’s strongly affected by hormones, and if hormones are unbalanced menstruation symptoms may worsen. Maca powder naturally supports normal, healthy hormone production and balance, while helping to minimise uncomfortable symptoms.

Maca For Menopausal Health
It’s believed that Peruvian women have been using maca for menopausal health for many years. Maca powder may help alleviate menopause symptoms, while promoting health and a positive mood in ageing women. Studies have shown that maca supplements may reduce severity and frequency of hot flashes, while lessening psychological symptoms like depression and anxiety. [1]

Maca contains glucosinolates, which helps to stimulate the body’s natural production and balance of hormones. Maca supplements support menopausal health by promoting normal estrogen production and balance.

Maca For Skin
The skin is greatly affected by hormones. In fact, when skin blemishes occur it’s likely due to a hormone imbalance. Maca benefits the skin by supporting healthy hormone levels. Maca is also packed full of fatty acids, protein, and amino acids that support skin’s health. The nutrient profile supports collagen synthesis and healthy cell renewal, which is crucial for youthful, radiant skin.

Maca For Sexual Health
Maca’s coined name, “Nature’s Viagra,” doesn’t just apply to men: Maca root also supports women’s sexual wellbeing and health. Peruvian men and women alike have historically used maca for sexual health because it’s supportive of a healthy sex drive and stamina. Today, maca continues to support individuals’ sexual health with its phytonutrient content.

Maca For Hair
In order for healthy hair growth and maintenance, the body requires specific nutrients such as protein and iron. When the body is deficient in these nutrients, especially protein, non-essential bodily functions come to a halt. Hair growth is a non-essential function that may suffer if the body isn’t receiving the needed nutrients. Maca is packed with protein and essential nutrients that provide the body with the nourishment required to grow and sustain healthy, beautiful hair.

Maca For Weight Management
Maca is great source of protein and supportive of an anabolic state, which is crucial for weight management since it provides the muscles with the nutrients necessary for healthy maintenance, repair and growth.

Maca extract contains a complex nutritional makeup that may aid in weight management for women. Containing B vitamins and amino acids, maca extract supports a normal metabolism, while helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.  A study found ‘significantly improved glucose tolerance, and lowered levels of glucose in blood’ after participants were being given a maca supplement and a diet high in sucrose. [2]

Maca For Mood
Hormones have a strong influence on mood and because maca helps to naturally support healthy hormones, maca supports a balanced, positive mood. Maca also helps the body handle stress by supporting the adrenal glands and balancing biological responses during times of intense physical or mental stress, which results in overall better mental health, energy and mood.

Maca For Energy
Ancient Peruvian farmers began to eat maca for energy after noticing the positive effects maca had on their livestock. The farmers’ livestock began to live longer, with improved fertility, after being fed maca root. Maca had a similar outcome for the farmers: maca root gave the Peruvian farmers a natural boost in energy and endurance.

Maca is filled with B vitamins, alkaloids, and essential amino acids, and free of stimulants. This makes maca a pure, effective energy source.  Maca has coined the name “Peruvian Ginseng” because of its natural energy-boosting, adaptogen qualities similar to the popular Chinese ginseng. Maca powder may enhance energy levels without placing stress on the adrenal glands like many energy-enhancing stimulants may do.

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